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 Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:41 AM
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Please Carefully read our Terms of Service/Use, and our Disclaimer before using this website in any manner.


This is a place where you can ponder and explore information on a variety of subjects relating to the body, spirit, and mind.It is sort of a book and compendium of beliefs, practices, and research compiled mostly in my own words and view with the addition of content and material from other website staff and contributing members. Like many other text and information on the same subjects we each have our own unique experiences dealing with such and over time we come to formulate our own way of seeing things, doing things, and believing things.
I want to share that which I have learned over my time working with magic, nature, the spirits, and the divine. I want you to learn something new, perhaps see it in a different light, and even possibly find a greater understanding of magic, life, and destiny. I tend to think creatively outside of the so called box, and in turn find that while I may share similar beliefs with many in the pagan community I tend not to conform and always agree with whatever everyone else says. I research and study and I spend many hours contemplating, reflecting, and meditating trying to see past the knowledge and words that are in front of me and instead find meaning and understanding to it, something that makes sense to me and something that I can apply to my life and work.
 I have had many spiritual names but to this day my spiritual name is as follows Azriel Illyrium Lightweaver Alivier Moondragon but in casual conversation and discussion I prefer to be called either Illy, Moon, or Ribbit.I am a spiritual practitioner, an eclectic witch, shaman, and oracle. I am well acquainted with a variety of pagan and magical subjects including those of the body, spirit, and mind. However I am most acquainted with and have studied the following subjects: Healing and Reiki, Protective and Defensive Magic, Elemental Magic, Energy Channeling, Herbalism, Chakras, Altar and Ceremonial Magic, and Spirit Work.
Please note this website is still an infant and is a lifelong project, do not be discouraged if you run into incomplete or blank pages, we are working very hard to fill in content, so either check back regularly or contact Ribbit if you would like to help grow and expand the site.



Happy Researching and Good Luck
Many Blessings,

*New* Every Sunday between 7 p.m - 9 p.m. (PST) Ribbit is offering free advice on Herbalism and Alternative Health topics
Please limit call time to 10-15 minutes each. Call Ribbit at: 510-355-7339

Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing is a new website and organization owned and managed by Ribbit for the education and teaching of Medicinal Herbalism.

Pagan Whispers Contact E-mail:,,
Or refer to the Contact Us page, or the Site Members & Staff Page
*Before emailing or contacting us please see the FAQ Page to see if your question/s have already been answered, thank you.


This Site is Dedicated to:

My sisters and brothers, my loved ones, the world;
And six of my favorite friends and influences Alexandra, Danielle, Stone, Mary, Christine, & Robert.
Thank you all for your love, support, and help.

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A Very Special Thanks to Sacred Well: Magic Happens Every Day! My Local Pagan Shop, and to Rabbit, Barry, Iris, and Grey.




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