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Wednesday, 2018-02-21, 9:48 PM
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Many People ask this question, they even say well isn't there a spell to turn me into a vampire or some ritual?

The Answer is No there is not.

Personally speaking I would say rather No there is no spell, ritual, or way to become a vampire in my experience and study. Because the truth is that I simply do not know.  Do I believe they exist, not really, because I have never seen one or heard of one actually existing outside of the media, movies, and television. So either way I wouldn't get my hopes up anyway.

It is not possible on this plane of existence to become a fairy or fae although you can try on the Astral plane.

You can find your animal spirit or spirit guide by meditating, visualizing, and often times during dreams. Sometimes people discover them while dreaming, they can appear in your dreams either as a prominent figure of the dream or they can appear symbolically or in the foreground. If your study shamanism look into spirit work and the "SSC" or the Shamanic State of Consciousness.

For further information or more details please see the Finding Your Animal Spirit page. Also see the Animal Totems page.

No you don't, although some people do. Creating servitors is more about gathering the energy, designing the servitor in your mind, using that energy to create the servitor, then assigning that servitor a task or tasks.

Personally I believe they don't but they could, quite simply and honestly I don't actually know because I have never met or seen one in real life. Although to some extent I believe that the roots of all legends, myths, and tales of have some basis of fact or truth, however, such things become distorted, diluted, and misrepresented over time. The lore is fascinating and is a great subject to research but for the meantime the official Pagan Whispers answer is No.

To be honest, I (Ribbit) personally believe there is no significance between the difference other than some peoples' belief and need to distinguish fake magic such as stage and illusory magic with that of real magic that practitioners of the craft, pagans, and other folk who cast and weave use. Magic no matter how you spell it will only mean what you want it to mean, and changing of it's original spelling will not change that fact. Here on Pagan Whispers you will not see any of my work with the newer differentiated spell of magic as magic(k). Others may do so as they wish, however I ask only as a personal favor to anyone editing or adding content on pagan whispers to refrain from adding the k at the end of magic, out of respect.

A pentagram is a five pointed star; generally in witchcraft and many magical paths it is a revered and sacred symbol not only representing magic but also the five spiritual elements. The pentagram is almost universal in that its symbolic power is used so widely among many pagan and magical paths. The five pointed star alone is called a pentagram although the term has been used interchangeably with pentacle.

However the difference between a pentagram and a pentacle is that unlike the pentagram which stands alone the pentacle is a five pointed star or pentagram encased within a circle. The pentacle represents the pentagram and the elements unifying together creating a balance of power between them

No you cannot become a Mermaid. There is also no spell, ritual, or magic that can make you one either.

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