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Thursday, 2018-04-19, 4:56 AM
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Usually this can be done by simply refreshing the page, however sometimes if the page has been edited recently or the site is experiencing high traffic you may just have to wait a few minutes and try again. If neither of these things help you can try clearing your browser's cache usually by going into settings or tools and finding the appropriate section.

Some pages are closed to the public and certain user groups, usually in this case the page will say something like"Your user group is prohibited from viewing this page!" and in similar situations certain functions within the site are user group specific and you may receive an error message saying "Your user group is prohibited from performing this action!" In this case you do not have access to the specified pages and or actions, if you wish you may contact a site administrator or staff member who can assist you.

If you have tried the above troubleshooting methods are still experiencing this problem on public pages or for a consistent period of time please contact a site staff member or contact Ribbit our site's owner and administrator by emailing him at or by using either the private messaging system or using the "contact us" page.

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