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Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:28 AM
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How to create a spell. - Forum
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Forum » Discussions » Spell Casting » How to create a spell. (Information about spellcrafting)
How to create a spell.
ChaosDate: Saturday, 2012-07-07, 1:36 PM | Message # 1
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So you wish to get started with your chosen path to create spells that will help you and others? If so than there is some information you would like to know before you go ahead and create a simple spell of your choice.

Creating spells and sorts with your book of shadows is indeed fun and can take weeks to months depending on how powerful you want it to be. But first here is a list of rules you will need to remember before making your first spell, later on I will explain each rule one by one so you will have a better understand.


*Know what kind of spell you want to cast
*Have an understanding on the basics
*Give it time
*Know how a spell works (including the different theories)
*Add what you need, don't over do it
*Have passion for your work
*Test it and record it

This all may or may not sound simple and easy, but this is your first spell and you certainly do want it to work. If you follow those rules than you would have used your time well, if not than all that research and hard work is down the drain.

Know what kind of spell you want to cast

Know what kind of spell you want to cast is the first thing you learn when you want to cast your first spell. This also applies to crafting your spell. If you haven't cast your first spell yet than you should take a step back from crafting. The reason why you need to know what kind of spell you want to cast is because spellcrafting and spell working depends on your feelings, your emotions. The stronger your desire for the outcome of the spell, the stronger the spell will be. Of course there is a limit in it's strength but that doesn't mean you want it to be weak. When you are casting a spell, you want it to work because you have something to gain from the outcome of the spell, that is why you are going out of your way for the spell. But if you are only casting a spell because you are bored, want to prove to others, intoxicated, sick, or for someone else, than all that hard work (the set up and money you put into the spell) won't be worth it. For crafting a spell, the same rule applies. Only difference is that this time the more heart you put into your spell the more powerful it will work for you. When you put your heart into something, you create a bond with it. Let it be an item, person, or idea. And by a bond I mean that you feel good about it when it comes to mind or is by you. For example, you found a friend and the more you hang out with the person the more closer and trustworthy you are towards them.

Now let us say that you know what kind of spell you want/need to create, but wait there is something else you need to know. When you are creating a spell for a want, it will be different from creating a spell for a need. A want is when you want to help yourself or someone else, but they/you don't really need the spell. A need is when you or the person is in dire need for that help. Also the need is stronger than the want, the reason is because you are putting more thought and work into your needs than your wants. Your want could be a simple thought of the matter, this is short lived and a spur of the moment. A need is when you have put thought into the matter at hand and your other choices, this is a matter that cannot be ignored without causing harm to you or others. I am not saying only create spells for your needs, I am just telling you which one is stronger than the other.

Have an understanding on the basics

You have the type of spell you want to work with, good now you can hit the books. Creating new spells isn't a one hour moment, it can take hours to days to months of study depending on your resources, how much time you have to on it, and how much you want/need this spell. Depending on what kind of spell you want to create (charm, candle magick, ect) you need to have some basic knowledge of that subject. For example, if I want to create a bring money to me spell by using candles and oils, I would need to know the meaning in the color of the candles and the oils so I know which one would be best to use. That way I don't have to buy new books, relook at my old books, ask people online, or pour any more time on something you should know or have kept in your book of shadows. Knowing that green means money, good luck, and sometimes life I would have already put that part down and moved on to the next part of the spell. I am not saying that you need to learn everything about candle magick or the kind of matter you are working at, just the basics.

This may not sound important to you, but when you have a list of interesting spells you want to create (and trust me, sometimes it will happen) time will be important. This way you can write down the basic structure of your spell, the blueprints, and you can know what you need to study for to increase the strength.

Give it time

Yes time is very limited with your job, schooling, friends, life, and other studies. But you still have to give your work time. If you rush making your spell than it would look just like a rushed art project. Like I said before, you want this spell to work. Not only are you wasting your time on crafting it, but you will be wasting your time on casting it too.

Know how a spell works

This is a simple thought rule really, if you don't know how the toy works than how could you ever build one? Remember when you get something that is in pieces in a box and you have to put it together before you could use it? It also came with a little white book that tells you step by step on what to do. Some of you put that book away and just jumped right in. Yeah some of you may have build it to the picture on the box, but with a lot of extra pieces left. Same thing on making a spell. If you don't follow the rules or understand how it works than you could have left out some important pieces.

Since there are different theories on how a spell work it is best to know the ones that make the most sense to you. You might have some ideas on how it works too but you still need to know other peoples ideas. Stuff like a spell is just a prayer, you are asking the Gods and Goddess for their aid to help you on a certain matter. Or stuff like a spell is you sending your energy into the Universe so it can increase and come back to you, strong enough to change what you have requested. Or even stuff like a spell is your mind controlling over matter, aka mind over matter. There are so many different thoughts on it and it is best to know some so you can have a better understanding on how the spell is going to work. Just like with building a ship, if you know the basics you can build the hull, but unless you know how the engine is going to move the ship it is just not going anywhere.

Add what you need, don't over do it

Once you know what kind of spell you want to craft, the blueprints, how it is going to work; you can add anything else you see fit to make it do it's job. This stuff isn't basic but you still need to know the idea of what it is so you can research it and use it correctly. For example, some spells request you doing it on a certain day of the week or/and a certain hour. Some even ask you to do it on a full moon or new moon. And even others ask for you to draw a strange symbol. Those kinds of stuff is the powerhouse (or the engine) of the spell. Just like with the ships hull, it is almost useless without the engine to make it move.

What I mean is that having just basic stuff for a spell may not even cut it. It might do a small change, but not a very big one. When you have something as strong as the moon on your side, than your spell will really pack a punch. The difference on the basics and the powerhouse is that the powerhouse, from a certain time, was known as a God or Goddess. The moon is known as a Goddess and each planet in our solar system are the Greek Gods and Goddess. Our sun is Atum in the Egyptian times. And even the elements are Gods and Goddess. When there is a strong believe in those symolic beings than (according to mind over matter) they can do wonders for your spell.

When I mean don't over do it is because sometimes if you over do something with your first spell, you might burn out on it. Make the spell on your limits on casting. No point in making a strong spell when you can't even cast it. This also means you have to expect someone else to cast it to see if it works or wait until you can do it correctly.

Have passion for your work

Just have heart into your work. If you start getting bored with your idea than take a break and do something else. You can always come back to it. If you are crafting the spell for 15 hours but you start to think this is a pain in the butt 5 hours ago, than basically you wasted a good 2 hours or so. Also when you get bored or tired you will start to rush it and than you will end up with nothing but a ugly art work that no one wants.

Test it and record it

This is important. Once after you have finished the spell you will need to test it. This is to tell if it works, how strong it is, what else does it do, and how long it will last. This is one of the reasons why you have a book of shadows, to record and study your hard work. You may even have to cast it different times to see if it really does something. Record it so you can see what needs to be improved. Once after all of that is done you can transfer your blueprint into your book of shadows, draw nice designs on the page, write down any notes, and you could even share it online with your friends.

Thank you for reading my post, it maybe long but crafting a spell is not easy.
Forum » Discussions » Spell Casting » How to create a spell. (Information about spellcrafting)
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