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Gods, Goddesses and Classical Mythology - Forum
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Gods, Goddesses and Classical Mythology
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Gods, Goddesses and Classical Mythology

The Earth Mother

- Cailleach Bheur
- Chaabou
- Copper Woman
- Goddess of Laussel
- Hera
- Isis
- Kunapippi
- Lioramanpuel and Lijaramanpuel
- Mu Olokukurtlisop
- Muk Juk
- Muzzu-Kummik-Quae
- NeiterogobZa
- Neolithic Earth Mother
- Spider Woman
- White Buffalo Calf Woman

The Fruit Bearer

- Asintmah
- Astarte
- Demeter
- Estsan Atlechi
- Freya
- Haumea
- Haumia and Rea
- Kutungga
- Paputuanuki
- Sabra
- Venus of Quinipily
- Yaya-Zakura
- Yolkai Estsan

The Water Goddess

- Chalchihuitlicue
- Ganga
- Hi’iaka
- Machin Tungku
- Nyi Roro Kidul
- Our Mother
- Sequana
- The Norns
- Vulture Wife and Underwater Woman

The Wild Psyche

- Artemis-Diana
- Birra-Nulu
- Dzonokwa
- Hekate
- Inannna
- Kali
- Kura Ngaituka
- Lilith
- Menily
- Old Woman
- Oya
- Pele
- The Black Madonna
- The Elbows Sharpened Woman
- Yeshe Khadoma

The Healing Spirit

- Asherah
- Cha-dog-ma
- Gum Lin
- Gyhldeptis
- Hathor
- Iduna
- Ixchel
- Mary
- Sedna
- Sophia
- The Suleviae

The Mountain Dweller

- Dewi Danu and Dewi Batur
- Fuchi
- Gaia
- Gokarmo
- Mama Paccha
- Moombi
- Niangniang
- Parvati
- Uma
- Xi Wang Mu

The Sky Dancer

- Aditi
- Amaterasu
- Gauri
- Iris
- Ishtar
- Kanene ski Amai yehi
- Neith and Nut
- Ol-apa
- Pana
- Tara
- Tree of Life
- Urisis
- Wuriupranala
- Yeshe Tsogyel

Added (2012-03-18, 9:16 AM)

Cailleach Bheur

Ancestress of Stones
Neolithic Moon Goddess
This Divine Celtic ancestress is the Hag of Winter
Irish and Scottish mythology.
Celtic Goddess.

Cailleach Bheur is said to have created megalithic monuments, such as the Standing Stones of Callanish in Scotland, when she dropped stones from her apron. She is also believed to have created mountains.

Cailleach Bheur is a divine hag or ‘The Blue Faced Hag’. As the ancient Queen of winter, she returns every year at Samhain to reign. She is said to bring with her the cold and snow of the winter months. Throughout her reign she is the guardian of deer, wolves and other wild animals. Her magical staff freezes the ground with each tap. Beltane marks the end of Cailleach Bheurs’ reign at which time she lays down her staff under a bush of holly or gorse, her sacred trees, and turns to stone (or turns young and beautiful in some myths).
Brigit then brings in the spring.

Added (2012-03-18, 9:17 AM)


Nabatean Earth Mother
Semitic Goddess
Middle East Goddess
Virgin mother and earth Goddess

Chaabou was glorified in her temple in Petra where she was renowned.
I have found little information on this Goddess other then that she is the virgin mother of Dusares. It is thought that the Arabian Goddess Shayba (or Sheba) reappears as Chaabou.

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