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Thursday, 2018-04-19, 4:52 AM
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Forum » Welcome to Pagan Whispers » Ribbit's Herbal Remedy of the Week » Herbal Remedy - Tobacco Addiction Compound
Herbal Remedy - Tobacco Addiction Compound
RibbitDate: Sunday, 2012-04-22, 9:44 PM | Message # 1
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Tobacco Addiction Compound- This is an herbal liquid extract compound of Fresh Oats Avena sativa , Licorice Root Glycyrrhiza glabra , aerial and seed parts of Lobelia Lobelia inflata , and Nutmeg Seed Myristica fragrans .

Research and studies have shown that the tincture of fresh oats have been proven to can facilitate and aid in the relief of withdrawal symptoms resulted from quitting nicotine use and has equally shown effective in aiding withdrawal symptoms from opiate addictions as well. Lobeline an alkaloid substance found in Lobelia is structured chemically similar to that of nicotine and proven to have the sane psychological and biological effects that nicotine produces on the human body. It also supports the adrenal glands and nervous system; also having a restorative and purifying effect on the lungs and bronchi . These chemical actions indicate the function to provide an aversion to tobacco and lessens the desire for nicotine.

To make this this liquid extract compound take 2/3rds of an Oz of both Fresh Oats and 2/3rds of an Oz. of Licorice Root, a 1/2 Oz of Lobelia herb and seed, and 1/4 Oz. of nutmeg seed and place in a 16. oz jar, cover the herbs with 100 or 80 proof vodka, once the herbs are covered replace the lid and tighten securely. Shake the jar for a minute or two, then open the lid and top the jar off with more vodka until you reach the rim of the jar. Replace lid once more and let sit for four to six weeks, the longer the better; remembering to shake the jar several times throughout each day. Once done filter the liquid extract through coffee filters or a muslin cloth into a clean jar or replace in the same jar once rinsed out. Alternatively you can use apple cider vinegar as the liquid solvent; or you can use vegetable glycerin noting to dilute the glycerin with water half and half before mixing it with the herbs.

For adult dosages it is recommended to take between 30-40 drops 2-5 times per day preferably in water or a fruit juice or nectar. For children divide the child's weight in pounds by 150 and adjust the dosage accordingly. For example if a child's weight is 50 pounds 50/150 making the dosage 1/3 of an adult dosage. In this case for this remedy that would make a 60 pound child's dosage about 10-15 drops up to three times daily.

Safety: Because of the Lobelia in this compound it may cause nausea and or vomiting in individuals sensitive to the herb. In this case discontinue treatment for one to several days then ret try the treatment by reducing the dosage to about 15-20 drops three times a day. If this does not help lessen the adverse reaction and effect try taking the dosage in combination with a glass of warm milk with powdered ginger mixed in, or try ginger ale or chewing on a small piece of fresh ginger root. If the above still does not alleviate the side affects stop treatment entirely.

Many Blessings and Light,

Forum » Welcome to Pagan Whispers » Ribbit's Herbal Remedy of the Week » Herbal Remedy - Tobacco Addiction Compound
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