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Thursday, 2018-04-19, 4:53 AM
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Forum » Welcome to Pagan Whispers » Ribbit's Herbal Remedy of the Week » Herbal Remedy - All Purpose Medicinal Oil > Lip Balm & Salve
Herbal Remedy - All Purpose Medicinal Oil > Lip Balm & Salve
RibbitDate: Thursday, 2012-05-10, 0:04 AM | Message # 1
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Today's Personal Remedy is:

My personal recipe for an all purpose, moisturizing, healing, pain relieving Medicinal Oil and Lip Balm.

You will need:

A clean completely dry jar with lid
A fine meshed strainer
A large muslin bag
A double boiler if possible or improvise (See Below)
1/2 oz. - 1 oz. of Beeswax
At least 5-6 oz. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You will need the following Herbs:

3 Tlbs of Calendula Flower
2 Tlbs Echinacea Leaf & Flower
2 Tlbs of Spearmint
10 Rosehips (Preferably Crushed)

What you will want to do to make the Herbal Oil is take the jar and make sure it and the lid is completely dry. Making sure everything is dry ensures that the least amount of moisture is present, as moisture can cause the oil to mold or rot more quickly.

Take half the amount of each of the herbs listed above and place in the jar. Pour the extra virgin Olive Oil in the jar completely covering the herbs. Place the lid on the jar, securely tighten, then shake the jar vigorously for several minutes. Remove lid and pour more Olive Oil until you reach the jar's fill line or around at least 1/2 an inch from the top. Replace lid one again and shake again for several minutes. Now place the jar somewhere where it will be in moderate sunlight and leave it there for two weeks occasionally shaking it for several minutes once or twice a day.

Once it has sat for two weeks take the jar, remove the lid, and using a clean and dry extra jar or bowl take the strainer and strain the herbal oil into the container. Next take the herbs you just strained from the jar and place in the large muslin bag. Here you will want to wring out every precious drop of medicinal oil as you can. Next replace the herbal oil liquid back in the jar, now add the remaining amount of herbs which should equal the same amount you first put in. Tighten the lid and shake again, let it sit for another two weeks shaking occasionally. Once done repeat the straining process making sure to save as much medicinal oil as you can. Finely you now have your own herbal medicinal oil.

To make Lip Balm & All Purpose Skin Salve

From here you will want to take the double boiler on low to medium heat or improvise using a specific pot or pan just for making salves and such and melt the beeswax, slowly pour in your newly made herbal oil. Measurements here can be tricky as it depends on the consistency you would like the lip balm or slave to be, but I suggest starting out with a 1:! half and half ratio of beeswax and medicinal oil. Check the consistency by taking a small spoonful and allow it to cool. If the desired consistency is to hard add a little more oil, if the consistency is to soft add a small amount more of beeswax. Experiment until you reach your desired consistency. Once you've reached your desired Lip Balm/Salve consistency place the melted Balm into an appropriate sized wide mouthed clean and dry jar. And now your done.

For chapped lips use a small amount and apply to lips as needed through the day.

For dry, irritated, and inflamed skin, and even bruising apply enough balm/salve to mildly cover the affected area, rubbing in the balm.

Alternatively you can use the same recipe to make a lotion by adding the oil to Shea and coconut butter or to an unfragranced and plain lotion.

Many Blessings and Light,

Forum » Welcome to Pagan Whispers » Ribbit's Herbal Remedy of the Week » Herbal Remedy - All Purpose Medicinal Oil > Lip Balm & Salve
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