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Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:29 AM
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Your Auric Shield
A exploration and discover of the auric field and it's machinery!

Part I: Understanding the Auric Field

An aura is an energy field that operates around each life form, as each living organism generates multiple types of energy. The word aura is Latin and Greek in origin and means wind, air, and breath. There is little evidence showing when the word began to adopt its more known meaning, but the earliest that I can find is the use of this definition from 1870, in spiritualism "An aura is a subtle emanation around living beings" [1].

I suppose you can debate whether the term, concept, and truthfulness of auras is substantial, but instead of trying to present a burden of proof or evidence to you, I will just share my research and experiences with auras as I have come to know them and let you form your own opinion on the topic at hand.

I have found that auras are like an interdependent machine that relies on you, the environment, and others to function. As mentioned before an aura is an energy field that is generated by all living beings. The auric field is comprised of many layers of unique types of energy that we each generate. There is a lot of speculation and debate about the exact number of auric layers; with the number seven and twelve being most common; however in my experience I find that exact numbers are often times insignificant. I myself personally believe that the number of auric layers that we all have varies from person to person and being to being.

To understand auras more vividly you have to explore the entire system as a whole including our physical body system and our energy systems. I believe the core of the auric field lies with the seven major chakras, personally I refer to the seven major chakras as the Greater Chakras. The greater chakras are the main focal points of spiritual and etheric energy. These chakras are the power centers and storehouses for specific energy qualities, and it is within these chakras where that energy is filtered, transformed, and conducted. The chakras are then connected by a meridian of smaller less distinctive energy centers, which I refer to as the Lesser Chakras. The energy from this system is transmitted and exchanged from a network of channels that work in a circulatory fashion that enable us to generate energy in both positive and negative currents thus creating our auric field.

The way the auric field operates is by using the greater chakras to conduct energy from whatever source is available; this includes thoughts, sensations, and emotions from others and ourselves around us including other species and living organisms such as the abundance of nature that surrounds us each day. I also believe that the greater chakras conduct energy from free floating or non-tethered sources such as cosmic energy and energy from sources that we are not aware of or have yet to be discovered or studied. This energy is then filtered within the greater chakras and is transformed into specific forms of concentrated energy, which is  then transmitted through our energy system until it is released thus creating the field of energy that emanates from all living beings, same being true for animals and plants alike.

From here you have to understand that the auric field is always in a state of flux because of the unpredictable variables that go into generating the energy currents that produce the auric field which include the type and amount of energy that our greater chakras conduct and transmit. You also have to take into account that emotions and thoughts from others and ourselves is always changing, molding, and evolving. Emotions and thoughts are in of themselves a type of energy however it is consciously hard to see it that way because we think of them as something we as humans make and thus we assume are our creation and in a sense artificial. But personally I believe they are perhaps two of the most basic and fundamental types of energy that exists.

Because the auric field is fed by emotional energy and energy from thought we have to consider that the auric field will emit emotional energy. This is where some of the more common beliefs about auras come to mind as it is widely assumed that those that are sensitive enough can see the different layers or faint partials of our auric field. The most often described attribute about the auric field thus far is that the auric field looks somewhat like an irregular rainbow of sorts. People that can or have claimed they can see auras will generally describe an illuminate layer color with a varying degree of shade depending on many factors. The colors described are then translated to mean different layers of emotion within a person's psyche, although the colors and the meanings have varied widely among individual people, traditions, and literature.

The truth is that no person can really know what each color of an auric layer means, however as humans we often tend to associate similarities between things that we are familiar with and those that which we don’t quite yet understand. For now, we assume that the corresponding colors represent different traits of emotion and feeling, such as red can mean love, passion, anger etc. However, it is just as logical to consider that the colors of aura layers actually mean nothing and or something we have not yet discovered, and because people like to know things, even if we are not entirely sure of the facts we substitute what we know for that which we do not. Personally, I can correlate the attributes of the auric colors, but that does not mean what I believe is correct; nor does it mean that I am wrong.

Advancing further into the mechanics of the auric field I further look into the interactions between people and their individual auric fields and explore how they work together, and even further other species of animal and plant. There has not been many studies or research projects that I am aware of that involve animals and plants, but even research on the auric field and humans is limited at best. Several recognized tests were about people and their ability to sense and or see auras, both that I know of that were televised, with the results proving either that those individuals clearly were not sensitive enough to an accurate clarity to sense the auric field or their claims were false to begin with. Scientific research has also been proven insignificant, as no acceptable or recognizable evidence has been reached to determine any information on the auric field and of its existence one way or the other.

Personal research however is a different matter, especially considering everyone has his or her own unique experiences with every situation and thing. I have researched and worked with the auric field for quite some time and I believe I have become quite acquainted with the fundamental aspects. I do not claim to be any more or less sensitive and or adept in the area as anyone else, however I do believe that I can see, sense, and interact with the auric field. My personal work with the auric field has allowed me to observe how our auras interact with other people whether it is someone you live with or know personally or someone or peoples you have passed by or interacted with at any given time.

One common factor that I have often times noticed is that regardless whether the colors that the layers of the auric field represent specific emotions or that our assumptions on the meanings and attributes are correct, emotion does play in important and critical role in the function and behavior of the auric field. For instance, one day several weeks ago I was at the park with my husband and we were sitting quietly on a bench together relaxing. For a while, I stared off into the distance of Lake Merritt and the bird preservation islands, a few moments later I heard two people starting to argue. I turned around being curious and I watched them, for some reason I let myself really concentrate on the two arguing and as I did I slowly began to see the outline of their auric fields. After several minutes has passed by the auric fields of both the two arguing started to develop more clearly. What I noticed more than anything is that their fields were fluctuating in somewhat of a violent and aggressive fashion.

When the gentlemen mentioned that he was tired of always being sculled and bossed around I noticed a large portion of his auric field near his stomach area retract in a spike like motion. Almost seconds after she glared back at him and with a dirty look on her face she told him that she wouldn’t have to tell him what to do all the time if he would be a man and grow a pair "so to speak”. At that exact moment I noticed a portion of her auric field erupt, and it somewhat looked as if some part of the auric field, the energy, projected outward and punctured the man’s field.

(To be continued.)

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