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 Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:34 AM
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Welcome to Pagan Whispers: Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Sage Advice From A Young Shaman Priest - Introduction


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Introduction to My Studies and Notes

I believe there is something to be said about sharing knowledge and wisdom, both in general terms and on a personal level. Yet one thing that concerns me about the pagan and craft traditions and beliefs is the amount of diversity and debate among practitioners about individual beliefs and practices. Who is right? Who is wrong? People are so quick to jump at the opportunity to give answers to questions that people ask. Then either the person who asked the question will most often take the answer as that (face value) and go on. However in many cases several people will answer the same question but based on their own beliefs and views, and in turn start debating who is right about what.

However I have always been the kind of person to listen, before I jump to speak. I am all for answering questions and helping people on their way and what not, but there is a respect of sorts that I feel, when I wait to speak. I see what is going on, I evaluate the situation, and then when I find the moment of calm I then speak up, sharing what I have to say. Among the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that exists, and the many books, websites, and resources out there; people especially the young and those new to the world and art of magic and nature tend to ask many of the same questions over and over, and while many people try to answer and help, it does get awfully tiresome after doing it so often. I understand that they may ask the same question multiple times because they are looking for an answer that appeases them or suits their own desires but that is why on this site those interested may visit the the FAQ page with many answers to a wide variety of questions. So if you have a question, or your not sure about something, that would be the place to start. If your question has not been answered yet, and you can't find it elsewhere, feel free to submit a new question. If you are for whatever reason not satisfied with the answers there you are welcome to look for them elsewhere, just don't complain about it.

I have been working my craft, evolving my spirituality, and working towards enlightenment for a very long time. I have studied for years and I still know that regardless of how much I think I know or the amount of wisdom and ability I may possess; I don't know everything and I am and always will remain to be a student of magic, of life, and of nature. The gifts that I have, are not something that just came to me out of thin air, or because I cast a spell; they came to me because the cosmos and the creator saw fit to bestow them upon me for use of their design. So that I may follow my path in life, and do the work that I am rightfully meant to do. I follow the path where my feet walk, and my eyes see. I don't know where I am headed, where I will end up, but I do know who I am, what I believe in, and what my values, morals, and intentions are at this point in my life.

I will say it is important to learn to live life each day, with kindness, respect, and reverence for what you are given. Take time to be aware of what is around you, to breathe and inhale life, to appreciate nature. Be who you are, and hold on to life; life being the moments you share being happy be it with friends, family or even by yourself.

For a few of us our lives have always been entrenched by the mysteries, the forces of change, the power and life that we call magic. For us it surrounds us entirely in every single aspect of our life both from within ourselves to our lives on the outside. It is the most sacred energy and power for us. It isn't just a tool that we take and manipulate to do our biding, it is by all definitions who we are, a part of us. With that said I strongly urge everyone to take time to study, and I mean continually study, even after you think you know it all, practice as often as possible and continue to gain as much experience as you can. Take time to contemplate, absorb, actually understand, reflect, and relax. Then wash, rinse, and repeat the process all over.


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