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Thursday, 2018-04-19, 4:41 AM
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Correspondences are associations and representations of different aspects. For example the planets each have different aspects that are associated with each individual planet, the moon itself has associations with each lunar cycle and depending on the tradition or belief system each lunar cycle the moon is given a particular name and is associated with different aspects such as the harvest moon which also has alternative names. The thing about correspondences and associations is that they will all vary or differ depending on belief system or even individual beliefs. It is about the connection one feels with each aspect. For instance one person might say the element air is associated with the color yellow, but my personal belief is that air is represented by the color white, because that is the connection I feel between the two. As you read books or websites you might find many similarities between associations and that is fine, especially considering that they vary by tradition and belief like I said before; however, I tell people to associate things such as the elements, the quarters and four cardinal directions, colors etc. not by what they read or hear but by discovering their own connection to the aspect. With that said I will list correspondences here for example only as they are the correspondences and associations that I am connected to for each individual aspect. With that said I strongly advise one to make their own connection to each color, planet, direction, days of the week, planets etc and meditate, astral project, or go on a shamanic vision quest if necessary to help you find your personal associations with such.



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