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Sunday, 2018-03-18, 11:57 PM
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Welcome to Pagan Whispers: Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

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    The Following is the Pagan Whispers site staff and admin:
    • Ribbit - The site owner, super admin, and High Priest of "The Creator's Light" the Pagan Whispers official coven. Email:

    • Fairy aka Christine - is our sites High Priestess of our coven "The Creator's Light". She is always there for people when their in need. Contact her by sending her a private message.

    • Shyla - is a site admin and page editor/publisher. Contact her by sending her a private message

    • Bloodyvel - Is the sites Head Forum Moderator. Contact him by sending her a private message

    • Jenn - is a site Support Staff, she is here to help with members, answer questions, and help with advertising. Contact her by sending her a private message

    If you would like to participate and contribute to this site and would like to help the following positions are available- 3 positions available for Chat Room Moderators, 5 positions available for Support Staff, 1 position available for general forum moderator, and 2 positions available for Spells and Articles Archive manager. Positions also available for specific forum topic moderators. Please email or message Ribbit for more information or to apply.

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