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 Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:36 AM
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Here is a bit about my ordinary mundane life. I was born in Orange County, California and I have moved around more so in my life than many people. I have been to over forty different schools four of those being colleges. I have lived mainly between California and Oregon most of my life moving up and down the Interstate 5 freeway From Portland, OR to Palm Springs CA and many cities in between. I am openly gay or rather I like to just say I am free spirited. At the age of thirteen I had a challenging home life and I was ostracized not only for my sexual orientation but as well my pagan and occult beliefs. I was homeless from around that time up until seven years ago, and throughout that time I fought many battles to survive, however contrary to stereotypes about the homeless I was quite the opposite. My personal belief is and always will be: "Just because one may be homeless, regardless of the reason, does not mean one has to dress, act, or behave like a stereotypical homeless person or bum". During my time being homeless I was young but assertive, I am very resourceful and always sought shelter, food, clothing, hygiene, and necessities. I managed to keep myself educated and healthy all the while struggling to find my way out of the very cruel and vicious travesty and disease that is homelessness. I finally got myself a studio apartment, got my high school diploma after already getting my GED several years beforehand, and now today I am well off. I am physically disabled and on a very low income, but I still live decently and well enough one would think I am middle class, though I hate the classification of societal roles. Today I live in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area with my husband Jeston who is a Graphic Designer and Artist, while aside from my spiritual activities, studies, and practices I run an independent social work and case management service for the homeless, primary goal being to find essential resources, emergency and transitional housing, and advocacy support.

I am still in college but aside from my professional career subject which is psychology mainly behavioral, clinical, and abnormal psychology; I am also minoring in world religion and philosophy. Which for someone who studies and practices magic, paganism, and occult subjects some people would find that to be an odd if not contradicting duo. Although I do not find any negative difference between having both a greater understanding of spirituality and divinity, and that of understanding the facets of human behavior and the mind. Most psychologist and almost anyone else in the scientific community have a strict adherence to an empirical personality being primarily logical and methodical, however my aim as well as a select few others who share similar beliefs is to see life, people, and the universe in a larger more holistic sort of way. I personally believe that I can see past the physical and ordinary perceptions that many would assume, and I also believe that not everything can be seen; understood or measured as scientists would like; and rather not everything should be.

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