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 Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:38 AM
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Welcome to Pagan Whispers: Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

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Pagan Whispers Spiritual Services

I am Jeremiah Wilkes also known by my spiritual and sacred name Azriel "Ribbit" Illyrium. I am a licensed and certified pagan minister registered with the Universal Life Church. I have been studying and practicing magic, and various pagan paths and traditions for sixteen years. I am initiated into several traditions of wicca. I am a Shaman Priest, Healer, Oracle, and Witch. Please visit the "Getting To Know Me" page on my website for further details. References and credentials can be provided upon request.

I provide handfastings in various Wiccan and Pagan traditions, eclectic and discrete as well. I practice and study psychology however in addition I offer spiritual guidance and counseling in a holistic way that is geared towards helping and healing people spiritually without psychoanalysis or judgement in always a positive and friendly manner, discretely if needed. I perform various rituals including cleansings, banishment's, blessings, and so on. I perform divination readings with several different divination methods- see below for a list of all services.

I perform Reiki, both in person and long distance, as well as crystal healing therapy; and I also lead healing circles.I perform initiation ceremonies and dedications for several traditions of Wicca and other traditions. and finally I offer a one on one Mentorship Program available for those who wish to learn magic, witchcraft, wicca, druidism, shamanism, azrielism, and paganism in general. Please feel free to also contact me about services that may not be listed here.

Comprehensive List of Services:

Spiritual Guidance and Counseling
Other Various Ritual work (Spell work on a case to case basis)
Quest Tarot Readings
Druid Animal Oracle Card Readings
Goddess Oracle Card Readings
Native American Oracle Card Readings
Elder Futhark Rune Readings
Palmistry (Chieromancy)
Reiki Healing (In Person-Local & Long Distance)
Crystal Healing Therapy
Herbal Remedies and Apothecary
Healing Circles
Spirit Work
Initiation Ceremonies
Dedication Rites
Memorials and Last Rites
One on One Mentorship Program (Contact me for Application)
Correspondence Courses (12 Month Courses Suggested Minimum donation $10 per month or $100 for whole term, contact me for information)
Other Services May Be Requested

Rates: All services are provided by donation only appropriate to the service, time, and amount of work required. Costs for travel and supplies required or requested will be paid for in advance *receipt from store and self will be made available upon rendering of services

Call or Email to make an appointment
Contact: Jeremiah "Ribbit" Wilkes at (510) 355-7339

*When calling please note that it is both my residential and service line so please bare with me, when leaving a message please state your name, reason for call or inquiry , best contact number (Speak slowly and clearly), and any additional details you wish.  This helps clear up confusion and alleviates miscommunication.

Many Blessings,


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