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Saturday, 2018-03-24, 4:45 AM
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Many would point out that anyone can practice magic, and I would agree with them. However, there is a point where magic itself is separated from being practiced by anyone who learns, focuses, and tries; from magic in the sense that it not just a tool to bring about changes in life and in reality but to those where magic is considered sacred and is a part of them. Magic to some is a part of not only their life, belief, and practice but it simply is within them and makes them who they are.

I have been practicing magic for many years and although I am still young, that does not void the effort, study, and practice that I have had since I first began my journey. A lot of people argue that only those who are old are experienced, I was taught that one may grow old yet may have experienced very little, and it is just as possible one can be young and have experienced more than a lifetime.

In my belief and practice which involves studies from various paths and traditions which now make up my set system of beliefs and practices, call it my own path and spirituality of my own design. So let me begin, before I ramble on about myself.

The most important lesson that I have learned is that while each individual witch or practitioner may tap into the power that is already within them to create, raise, and send magical energy; there is only so much that one can take and use especially at any one given time. However, there is a infinite energy that can be tapped into that is all around is which is nature and the elements. Instead of just tapping into our own power you can learn to channel and use the power of magical energy from the elements and nature.

Many people speak of the elements in ways that describe acts of controlling the elements to do there biding. However, instead of trying to create friction and force something with your will, you can let the elements help assist you by channeling their energy. Think of it as moving currents, you can either fight them and work against the current or you can flow with the current and let it take you where you need to go.

Nature is full of natural energy, and the elements can be associated with powerful bodies to assist you in channeling such energy. The sun for example is a powerful embodiment of fire, and you can tap into that energy by channeling the suns energy to do your work whether it be casting a spell or any other type of magical act. The moon is a powerful source of energy associated with water, as it directly affects the push and pull of the oceans and seas, rivers and lakes etc. You can also channel the moons energy for workings with or associated with with receiving and giving as mentioned with the push pull effect, meaning you can push unwanted or undesired things away from you as in banishing; or you can pull something you wish or desire towards you. The earth itself is below all of our feet and can always be easily channeled. Air, Sky, or Wind can be channeled as it is the essence of life and it surrounds us, without air we cannot breathe the breath of life.

Above, is the most powerful practice in magic, and ancient witches, shamans, druids and so on have long used the elements to assist them by channeling their energies. In addition to channeling the energy of the elements and nature there is another practice that can be used and is also powerful when you want to channel the power of the sun at night, and channel the power of the moon during the day. You can take a stone, crystal or any item really and enchant and imbue it with the energies and power of the sun and the moon. Personally I have chosen either moonstone or amethyst to embody the energy of the moon, and I have used either clear quartz, garnet, or ruby to embody the energy of the sun. What I do is for the moon I take the stone I have chosen and I consecrate it, bless it, then on the night of a full moon if possible around Yule as it is the longest night of the year I then enchant it with my essence by taking a small drop or two of blood which represents my life, my spirit, and my magic. Then I leave the stone under the light of the full moon for the entire night. The process for the stone that embodies the sun is almost the same except for imbuing it with the moons energy at night on a full moon, I take the stone on the day of the summer solstice and as said above I consecrate the stone, bless it, then I enchant it with my essence of a small amount of blood then I leave the stone under the light of the summer solstice's sun for the entire day from dawn till dusk. It is also important to note that I usually make the preparations for this ritual in advance.

With that said, there are some basic concepts about protection that should be noted in general. Along with channeling the energy of the elements and nature it is common sense to pay attention. Having high awareness of yourself and your surroundings alone is particularly a powerful source of protection. If you take the time to notice what is around you, even the smallest or timid of details, will allow you to recognize danger or potentially harmful situations. It helps prevent harm coming to you and others if you are able to recognize things before they happen as most of the time when there is harm done, it is so painful and damaging because it was done without you having for knowledge that it was going to take place. Even if you become in a dangerous situation, if you are aware of what is going on you are most likely going to be able to handle it better, giving you the time, clarity, and ability to think and find a solution.

Other important aspects of protection magic include that state of ones psyche and mental capacity. You are less likely to be harmed if you are confident, strong willed, determined, and focused. Most people who are vulnerable or victims of psychic attacks are depressed, emotionally unstable, and have severe low self esteem; and even lack confidence, hope, and so on. Having positive attitudes, knowing that you are strong, and are a good and capable person are strong defenses against attack whether of magical origin or not. Auras also play an important role in defense against harm, having a strong and vibrant aura is alone a powerful shield against harm and attack. Some people who study auras can actually extend their aura, they can resonate it's energy (your spirit's energy) to reflect back and even repel negativity and harm.

There are many other ways to protect yourself including protection spells, talismans, amulets, the wearing of stones and gems that have magical protective qualities etc. However there is at least in my opinion a problem with protection spells and this is why. Most of the time harm comes unannounced, by people or beings who bear ill will against you or are malicious in nature. So when you try casting a protection spell, their effectiveness is extremely limited because you don't know what your trying to protect yourself from, at least most of the time. For a spell to be strengthened it usually tends to be very specific and detailed, in the case of protection spells, naming or identifying that which you wish to be protected from. Although casting protection spells in general, protection from harm, evil, negativity, ill will etc. are just more layers of added protection, however they should not be solely relied upon. There are many generic spells for protection however two of the most commonly used are the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram which banishes evil, dark, or harmful spirits, entities, or demons away, and creates a protective barrier around the caster. In most cases the Lesser Banishing works, however, sometimes in more extreme cases it might be necessary to cast the Greater Banishing ritual of the Pentagram; which is slightly different and much more energy is needed but is extremely powerful and effective.

When it comes to stones, talismans, and amulets for magical protection; I would have to say the most powerful stone for protection is black tourmaline as it not only casts an impenetrable barrier around the wearer but it also absorbs negative energies. Other stones such as tigers eye and hematite and so on also have protective qualities, however are less powerful. The most protective metals include silver, iron, and lead. Almost all of my jewelry is primarily silver, all my rings are silver with different stones embedded in them corresponding to magical properties that I charge and channel energy from. As far as talismans and amulets go, there are almost endless possibilities. You can easily create a protection talisman or amulet with almost anything but most commonly jewelry. In my case as stated above I am connected to silver, and one of my most powerful protective devices is a silver Azrielian Triquetra pendant with a diamond embedded in the center; I had performed a very powerful ritual of protection in which I imbued my essence and the power of all the elements into the pendant creating my most sacred protection talisman. The ritual for such is very similar to the ritual described above about imbuing stones with the energies of the moon and sun.

In addition to everything else there is still an abundant amount of ways to create and harness magical protection. Such as casting circles of protection, asking spirits for their assistance, invoking or evoking the aid of a deity or deities, there are also many sigils and symbols associated towards protection. Some common ones are the Tree of Life, the Wajet and the Ankh, the Eye of Ra or Horus, the All Seeing Eye, The Celtic knot, and lets not forget about he pentacle and the pentagram. There are many more depending on belief and practice. There are also some other natural magics that can be done for protection such as:

If you cut an apple in half you will notice the seeds of an apple make up a pentagram, if you take a bay leaf and hold it up against the pentagram of the sliced apple it will repel evil and negativity.

If you take a bay leaf, A spring of lavender, and a black ribbon around the two herbs and seal such as tying the ribbon in place it also become a powerful talisman to repel evil.

You can occasionally or as needed perform house or home blessings and cleansing to rid away old, bad, negative energies. This can be done in many ways however a common aspect is to go about your home asking the spirits or gods for their assistance and using sage or incense to smudge the home to purify it. Sometimes people also place certain stones or talismans or other objects around the home usually corresponding to the four cardinal directions starting east, then south, west, and finally north. I also forgot to mention already that invoking the four quarters is also powerful. And of course there is the assistance and aid of one's spirit guides, animal totems/spirits etc. for the assistance of protection and so on, and this does not exclude asking or invoking the help of angelic spirits or angels.

In conclusion, I believe I have given more than enough to protect themselves or at the very least have paved the way into further research, study, and practice of protection magic. As I have stated there are almost endless prohibitions and ways to protect ones self and others with magic, and without. The most important last thing I can say is that one needs to be strong, be confident, believe and have faith, and above all else have hope. So my fellow brothers and sisters of the craft, I bid you blessings and peace and hope that this information can help you along your journey as it has helped me.

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