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Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:18 AM
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Pagan Whispers Divination Reading Services
by Donation

Here you can request personalized tarot and other readings that are done by donation only with a suggested minimum donation of 5$. There are three available methods of contact. Readings may be done by email or phone, or for San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area residents, readings can be scheduled for in person readings.

Rules for readings:

  1. Reading requests must be appropriate and not violate the rules and terms of service of this site.
  2. The entire reading request form must be filled in correctly, entirely, and must be written is proper english meaning no text speak.
  3. Reading requests that do not include all of the required fields and information, or if the question is too vague or isn't a serious question the reading request will be ignored, and you may be flagged for spam, and may be banned from returning to
  4. For Phone and In Person readings please include contact details in the additional details field. I will be contacting you shortly to schedule the appointment, but include the best times to reach you.

For more information email or for help email or to schedule an appointment for in person or over the phone readings call Ribbit at 510-788-5788

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Input your question here, be specific *:
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