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Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:39 AM
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Pagan Whispers Resources and Links

Here you can find and browse through some of the resources and links that I find very useful and helpful in my studies, filled with lots of knowledge and wisdom.


Othalas Peaceful Insanity - This is my public blog where I post my thoughts and ideas freely, as you can tell from the title often times my thoughts border if not cross the line into insanity but I challenge and provoke thought, society, and philosophy. Of course I will occasionally post rational thoughts and other useful things mostly relating to spirituality, shamanism, and herbalism; anywho, enjoy!

Diary of a Crow Woman - is a website and online book that a very good friend of mine owns and writes. She updates the site constantly adding a new page or article almost daily. Her work mainly focuses on Voodoo and Hoodoo, but you can find much more layered in her words and wisdom.

Ancient Calling- is a website that is dedicated to the old ways and natural and healthy lifestyle and living. The site owner Mary is a close and personal friend of mine. Here you can read about or find many sources on subjects of the spirit, the body, and the mind.

Secrets of Magick - is a website for the Pagan community where you can browse through forums full of information, chat with other pagans, form closer bonds with like minded people, read pagan and magic related articles, find reviews on great books, and find many other resources and information.

Second Sight Coven - is the online coven that I belong to. It is my second home and family. The members are my friends and they are also my brothers and sisters. We love one another, support one another, and teach one another about all things we know.

The Craft Lounge - is another similar site that I belong to, it is fairly new but I am an administrator/publisher and I work the the director of the site to help make it grow and flourish. You can find forums here as well, and some decent people to talk with, and great information on the craft.

Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies -  is a great site that offers various resources and information on shamanism, especially Norse shamanism. You can find many great articles here.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - is another great site that has various shamanic related information, resources, and articles. The foundation was created by Michael Harner, a pioneer in the field and study of western shamanism.

The Sacred Well - is the website and online store for a local pagan shop that I frequent, I list their link here for support and I give a very special thanks to the stores' owners Rabbit and Barry, and two of the store's best employees Iris and Grey. If you live in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area please stop by and feel free to browse their many treasures, stones, craft supplies, and more. - is a Spiritual Directory for sites pertaining to pagan spirituality and the like, it includes other services.

Recommended Reading List:

Harner, Michael,The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing, Harper & Row Publishers, NY 1980

Roz Levine, Palmistry How to Chart the Lines of Your Destiny, Simon & Schuster Publishers, NY 1992

(If you have a website you would like to submit on my featured resources and links page or a book, please feel free to email me or use the sites contact us page.)

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