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Thursday, 2018-04-19, 4:39 AM
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Pagan Whispers Terms of Service/Use and General Rules

Please carefully and thoroughly read all of the terms, conditions, agreements, and disclaimer below:

Pagan Whispers is free to use by members and guests for educational purposes that comply with non commercialization. By using this site, you the member or guest agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use and service. After reviewing the following terms and conditions thoroughly, and you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not continue or proceed to use this site or any of it's features, content, or property.

Acceptance of Agreement

By using this site you agree to the terms and conditions expressed and documented here with respect to our site, staff members, and our limitations. This agreement applies to you and is the only agreement between "Us" the Pagan Whisper's site staff and administration and you, the member, guest, or user. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements written, oral, or otherwise implied. Herbal Wisdom reserves the right to amend or change the terms of service and use, and this agreement, at any time and at any frequency without notification to "you" the member, user, or guest.

By signing up for (registering) and using this site you agree to follow these terms:

  1. Users, Members, and Guests are not permitted to post any illegal content which includes copyrighted material, images, graphics etc. (Your account will be permanently banned for violation of this term.)
  2. The site has a zero tolerance policy for any misconduct, abuse, or violence. (Your account will be permanently banned for violation of this term.)
  3. Members will respect each other, and adhere to judgements made by site admin, moderators, and the site owner.
  4. Members may only have one account, if multiple accounts are found you may be banned.
  5. Members and Users shall not misrepresent, falsify, or manipulate any information on this site including user generated forum posts, messages, spells, articles etc.
  6. For grievances or disputes contact the site owner "Ribbit" who will thereby hear all involved parties and henceforth make a final standing decision.

Copyright Notice

This website including it's design, concept, graphics, content and other matters that relate to and apply to the site is protected by the United States Copyright Law, the United States Copyright Act of 1976, and other proprietary and intellectual property laws. Any post or material written by "you, the member, user, or guest remains your property and will be protected within these rights. Material on this sight may be used for educational and non commercial purposes with written permission from the work's author, please contact the site owner for more information regarding using material and content from the site. Some material on this website may originate from third party and outside sources and will only be used accordingly within the guidelines of the Fair Use Act of the United States Code Title 17, which allows use of information for educational and teaching purposes and states that material used solely in this fashion is not copyright infringement.


Pagan Whispers claims no responsibility or liability for the use and or interaction of this website and any material, content, or information contained within or from third party or outside sources. Any information, advice, suggestions, and guidance given on this website either by administration or staff, or any member or user; whether written, oral, or otherwise implied shall not express any form of guarantee, impression or nuance of success, or any form of warranty or liability. The information on this site is designed to be educational and informational, and does not constitute the advice or guidance, meaning any action you take resulting from the information, material, and content on this website is your responsibility and we strongly advise and suggest that you to check the source/s of information.
Before consuming, ingesting, using, or trying any herb or herbal remedy or any other consumable product that is written, noted, mentioned, or linked to or on this website; consult your local health care providers be them physicians, certified herbalists, or naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners.

The following subjects are prohibited on Pagan Whispers:


  • Physical Transformation of any kind. This includes subjects and topics that relate to changing physical shape or form, transmuting yourself from one being into another, changing your height, weight, shape, color, your gender, sexual orientation, body structure, and anything else that is beyond the possibility of physical nature and law.


  • Becoming or Being a mythical, legendary, or supernatural being, creature, or even so as to becoming or being alien, a different species or race other than what you were naturally born as. This means no mentioning or talking of becoming or being a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, fairy, zombie or reanimated or resurrected corpse or spirit, unicorn, demon, angel, leprechaun, mervampwerefish, god, demi-god, nephilim, fallen angel, therian, and so on etc etc...


  • Impossible Feats and Accomplishments. This means that subjects or topics pertaining to people or someone claiming to have done impossible or beyond the limits or physical ordinary reality will not be allowed on Pagan Whispers. As this is considered role playing.


  • Claiming to have superpowers and or supernatural abilities that defy physical laws of reality and nature beyond commonly accepted precognitive abilities. This includes subjects of any sort of "Kinesis" or things such as trowing fireballs or lightning, being able to fly, being able to resurrect or animate the dead, being able to kill people by snapping your fingers, this also includes psionics and so on.


  • Any spells or subjects that defy the physical laws of nature, and those that inch toward manipulation of one's free will, such as love spells, spells that are commonly fluffy in nature, spells that are disrespectful etc.


  • Violence, Disrespect, and Threatening are strictly prohibited with a zero tolerance policy. This means everyone should be respectful to each other, to consider not just yourself when posting or chatting, to respect the admin and moderators of the site, and finally to use common sense.

Site Admin and Moderators will have discretion when dealing with posts and members who violate the site rules and who post prohibited subjects in the forums, or discuss them in any chat room.

At any time under the discretion of any Administrator including the site owner we may temporarily ban or limit your account, permanently ban your account, or take further action if necessary for any violation of the above rules and terms of service.

Updated August 31st 2012. These Terms of Services and Rules may be revised at any time.

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