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 Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:17 AM
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Welcome to Pagan Whispers: Sage Advice from a Young Shaman Priest!

Sage Advice From A Young Shaman Priest - The Calling


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In every spiritual path or journey one is either fascinated by such beliefs and practices or one is called upon for a higher purpose than living an everyday ordinary life. When one is called upon to their path either by the spirits, the creator, or the personal need to fulfill some sense of life's purpose he or she will find themselves seeking not only enlightenment for themselves but the need to seek answers and to work towards their goals, ambitions, and aspirations whichever they may be. Some may be called because they are lost and need to be found, some may be called because regardless if one believes in destiny it is what they are meant to do, and some may be called because they have lessons to learn and or lessons to teach or even both.

The calling for each person regardless of their path whether it be Shamanism, Wicca, Christianity, Buddhism and so on is a very unique and personal experience. We each have different reasons some that we may be aware of and some that we are not; for the choices and actions we make; they can be meaningless actions, or they can be lifelong actions that define our lives significantly.

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