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Monday, 2018-04-23, 2:35 AM
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In almost every magical working whether it be a spell, a ritual, a prayer, or a blessing and so on the use of visualization is usually utilized. It is one of the most fundamental and essential concepts and skills that one should incorporate into their working in order to have better results.  So what is visualization? I would describe it as the art of mental imagery. seeing what you desire in your minds eye, to project and manifest your desire into and onto the physical plane and reality. The idea of visualization is based on old world belief that the power of belief, imagination, creativity, intention, and desire can manifest your will into existence; and in turn can change circumstances in your favor.

As people we tend to visualize everyday, our lives are centered around the ideas and pictures that we have in our mind about how things are supposed to look. This ranges from everything from visualizing what your new house will look like outside and within from furnishings, to decorations, and can even be as detailed as to where everything will be placed. We also tend to visualize what our perfect dates would look like, where you would go to eat, what you would do afterward whether it be go to the movies or go walking along the beach or the river etc. We tend to map out mental pictures of how we want our lives to look, even on a daily and miniature basis such as seeing how we want dinner to look tonight or how the house will look when your guests arrive and so on.

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